Justin James

I am a classical and contemporary musician, academic, music theorist and educator, with a passion for inspiring students to dynamically create and thrive, studying one of the greatest languages known to humanity.

As a piano and keyboard teacher, providing music lessons, I consider and care for every student, seeking to holistically advance their love of music. Enjoyment is at the centre of every music lesson. No successful creative pursuit is developed in misery.

Trained in classical piano at Perth Modern School and WAAPA, I have released two albums with a third in production, simply titled “Piano V.1, V.2 and V.3.” These recordings contain some of the most cherished repertoire from the romantic and early twentieth century piano literature. Each album has a colour theme. Blue, Red and Green. The first, (blue) represents the sky and the sea, the second, (red) the heart and the third, (green) nature and the earth. They illustrate, through the piano, an innate biological and emotional connection to the planet, and each other.

As a contemporary keyboardist, songwriter/composer and music producer, my signature “sound” is a tasteful rhythm and blues based pop, however I am also well versed in the pillars and performance of jazz. I have been engaged for many corporate events in various musical capacities.

Please note that in light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Piano Lessons are now conducted at a distance of 2.0 metres and available online using the FaceTime and Zoom platforms. The action taken to migrate online for the interim will save lives and livelihoods.

Enjoy your stay…

The Justin James Piano Series. Piano V.3 coming soon!

“Creativity is the most undervalued commodity because it so misunderstood. It’s about ideas of value. We must celebrate diversity, not conformity.” Sir Ken Robinson.