Recording Studio

Conveniently located south of the river, our recording studio facility is a natural fit for songwriters, musicians and small business.

Using the most up to date technology, the recording studio is built for tracking, arranging, and mixing. With multi-format Pro Tools or Logic DAW compatibility, we provide a highly adaptive environment, conducive to performance and productivity.

Whether you are building a brand, want customised audio for your business or writing, recording and releasing a single, we provide musical arranging and music production at a world class level. If it is target specific content to showcase your vocal or instrumental talent, we can capture and upload it. We work regularly with hip hop artists, DJ’s, vocalists, soloists, duos and trios.

We also produce high quality radio and television commercials, presentations, create personal memories with our audio and video editing and supply valuable musical education tools. Get your music online!


I am always delighted with the work Justin does for me. His skills in production and arranging are, in my opinion, outstanding and he has a real talent in taking projects to another level and giving the music an edge that really makes it something special


Justin always comes through for me, every session. He is dedicated and professional and his editing and mixing skills are up there with the best. He also has an ear for arrangements and the ability to add or subtract just the right amount of something.


Justin James is the consummate professional, his editing skills are immaculate, he has an ear for music that is outstanding and his knowledge is amazing, his heart and passion for music is tremendous and it’s evident by the effort and hard work that he puts into every session


Justin and I sat down and chatted about the songs I planned to record and worked out a plan so that I could fulfil my potential in the recording studio. Justin’s a straight up sort of guy with a great ear for music and gave me a great balance of constructive criticism and praise. He also expected me to work outside of our studio time and the more time I found to practice elements he had identified, the better my singing became. Almost a year on, I’m thrilled with my album! Justin has had a monumental impact, from singing coaching, to recording and to the production of the final master. I can’t thank Justin enough for making this dream become a reality.