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Chopin Nocturne No. 2 D Flat Major, Op. 27
Chopin Waltz No. 1 E Flat Major, Op. 18
Chopin Prelude No. 8 F Sharp Minor, Op. 28
Chopin Prelude No. 25 C Sharp Minor, Op. 45
Chopin Etude No. 3 E Major, Op. 10
Chopin Etude No. 12 C Minor, Op. 10
Debussy Reverie F Major
Debussy Image No. 1 C Sharp Major, Book 1
Scriabin Etude No. 1 C Sharp Minor, Op. 2
Scriabin Prelude No. 19 E Flat Major, Op. 11
Rachmaninoff Melodie No. 3 E Major, Op. 3
Rachmaninoff Prelude No. 6 E Flat Major, Op. 23
Rachmaninoff Prelude No. 13 D Flat Major, Op. 32
Rachmaninoff Moment Musical No. 2 E Flat Minor, Op. 16
Brahms Intermezzo No. 2 A Major, Op.118
Ravel Ondine C Sharp Major, Gaspard de la Nuit

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Thank you for purchasing Justin James Piano V.2 featuring the classical piano music of Chopin, Debussy, Scriabin and Rachmaninoff. Please note, the audio files are high quality Mpeg3 at 320kbps and are 160mb in total. May not be compatible with Mozilla Firefox web browser and certain iPad operating systems. If there are any problems downloading, please email me and I will provide link, once there is proof of purchase.


Justin James Piano V.2 – Customer Reviews


“Your CD’s are absolutely beautiful! I particularly like the second. Stunning!” Karen *****


“Piano V.2 really is fantastic! I love the sound of all the pieces and it inspires me to continue practicing. Current favourites are the Rachmaninoff Prelude Opus 23 No 6 and the Scriabin Etude Opus 2 No 1. The stand out though, is the Brahms Intermezzo in A Major. I have not heard anybody play this with as much feeling. I love your interpretation, especially the left hand bass part. It sends shivers up my spine as I listen to it! Terrific album, thanks very much for sharing your talent!” Harry *****


“Justin is an amazing artist and a truly gifted talent. I loved his debut Piano V.1 and cannot wait to get my hands on the new V.2! It is his passionate interpretation of these classics that feeds my soul!” Val *****


“This is Justin James’ second venture into recording. An accomplished performer from a musical family, (his mother was herself a concert pianist), Justin has chosen the music of Chopin, Debussy, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Brahms and Ravel to display his talents in classical piano. He is a highly intelligent musician, with a wide-ranging repertoire and this recording of well-known pieces is certainly special, intensely thoughtful and well prepared. Through just the right combination of phrasing, touch and a keen sense of dynamics, Justin has shown great skill. His album is a must for every music library.” Amy *****


“This is beautiful music, played with such sensitivity and emotion. It cannot fail to touch your soul. It has helped to give me the strength to live and achieve my own goals in life. I highly recommend you listen to this album.” Sally *****

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1 review for Piano V.2

  1. Euclides
    5 out of 5


    Wow, what a lovely interpretation! You take it a bit slower than others, but I really like your tempo because I can hear all the lush romantic period chord progressions and the playing of the inner voices that are sometimes lost when the piece is performed more quickly. So very clean. This performance will become one of my new favorites. Thank you.

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