Piano Teacher Perth

I’m a qualified classical and contemporary piano teacher based in Perth, providing professional one on one piano lessons and musical tuition to students aged eight and above. Educated in Piano, Voice and Percussion at Perth Modern School and WAAPA, I have a very high retention rate and take students strictly by appointment. Students that are both dedicated to improving, and self motivated. I am also a parent and regard this as my most important role.

MyApproach To Piano Tuition

  1. To demonstrate and provide the student with knowledge to assist them in approaching tasks with confidence.
  2. To make every step of the learning process energetic and enriching.
  3. To impart an aural, rhythmic and musical theory component to all lessons. The whole (music) is the result of the sum of it’s parts (theory). This is critical in order to express the language fluently.
  4. To establish and encourage attainable goals.
  5. To provide a fun, nurturing, relaxed, professional environment, encouraging students to embrace and express music for themselves.


Classic Piano Lessonscover musical repertoire and development from the baroque, classical and romantic periods through to the 20th century.


Contemporary Keyboard lessons cover musical repertoire and development from the 20th Century through to current day popular artists. Genres include jazz, blues, bebop, latin, classic pop/rock and top 40.

Being an active parent, I understand the need for peace of mind. Knowing your child is getting an excellent education from a motivated music teacher is vitally important. I also feel that a teacher should possess a kind, nurturing, compassionate heart, seeking to understand and listen to the student. Teaching is a learning experience. The journey to autonomy is challenging and it involves many plateaus and steep learning curves.


Working from the Australian Music Examinations Board manual of syllabus, the fundamentals of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin, plus a selection of my own classical and contemporary teaching tools, lessons cover core components that make up the musical language. These ingredients include:

  • posture (referencing Alexander Technique)
  • relaxation
  • musicality and technique
  • repertoire and history
  • technical/musicality exercises
  • sight reading, scores to charts
  • improvisation
  • blues jazz fundamentals
  • listening and practicing skills

“It is my passion to help students whether they be preparing for exams, performing, auditioning for music aptitude testing, the gifted and talented program or scholarships to secondary or tertiary music studies and eventually, a music career. It is a joy to witness a student grow and see them enjoy their highly deserved success.”

Please Note…
All lessons without exception must be paid for in advance.
I do not offer “catch up lessons” or redeem missed lessons.
I do not travel to provide lessons.

Teaching Instruments… Yamaha U3 Upright Piano (88 weighted keys) Yamaha CF Concert Grand (88 weighted keys) Working With Children Card and Police Clearance.


Studies published by the Association for Psychological Science suggest that intelligence test scores were higher in children who took lessons in keyboards and singing. Music helps children develop their frontal cortex. In another study, students between the ages of 6 and 15 who took music lessons scored higher on tests of memory than students without musical training. There is solid evidence now that musical training is the cause, not merely the effect of higher IQ.

For adults, learning music is a great way to alleviate stress, stimulate the mind, improve coordination and promote a sense of well being. It can keep you mentally fit the way exercise can keep you physically fit.

“The aim of education is to enable students to understand the world around them and the talents within them, so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate  citizens.” Sir Ken Robinson


Justin is the rare combination of a technical, masterful and an inspirational piano teacher. I studied under Justin for over two years and in that time, learnt both classical performance and jazz improvisation. He is a living encyclopaedia of both subjects, with a sparkle for performance. His friendliness and keenness to share his knowledge and passion for his art pushed my technique in the classical realm. I looked forward to every lesson and afterwards, felt inspired about what music had to offer and that I could achieve anything. He is very versatile, responsive and encouraged my own musicality and was also willing to assist me in the direction I wanted to take. I highly recommend Justin for the very passionate and knowledgeable piano teacher that he is.


I’m giving him five stars! Justin is such a proactive and witty teacher! He definitely understands how to relate to children, making lessons interesting and fun, without neglecting the importance of both practical and theoretical teaching. He is also a versatile performer! Always “super” organised and very professional, offering plenty of feedback to not only students, but parents also.


I have found Justin James’s is an excellent piano teacher for me. He is at all times encouraging and this keeps me practicing and enjoying applying myself. I have found that he sets a realistic pace that I can master, and having time to practice my repertoire gives me pleasure. I appreciate the theoretical input such as additional worksheets or his presentations and always enjoy the background knowledge he brings to the study of music. He takes such an obvious interest in all his pupils, as well as having such a high standard of musicianship. This is rare.


I am very pleased to recommend pianist and piano teacher Justin James. Justin is a highly professional, creative and articulate tutor, who has a great enthusiasm for music that inspires his students. Justin is also a talented and sensitive performer with a large repertoire of music from all historical periods and genres. With his extensive musical knowledge and vast experience both in performing as well as teaching, he is quickly able to diagnose technical problems and give explicit instructions how to practice in order to improve. As a mature age individual, I decided a year and a half ago to take up piano playing again after a thirty year lapse. After some research, I discovered Justin. Justin has a high degree of compassion, flexibility, and humour and has that rare knack of imparting to a student the qualities of music appreciation, the joy of learning, the self confidence and the drive and desire to progress. As I reflect on my interaction with him, I am again impressed at how well he diagnoses the missing parts of my piano training, then assists me in rebuilding those incomplete components. He has shown me how important phrasing, dynamics and interpretation is. He stresses the importance of detail or to look for the meaning behind the score to understand the composer ‘s intent in the particular piece of music, and then to express that in the playing of the piece. I continue to benefit from Justin’s instruction and highly recommend his work to anyone who would like to improve their piano skills.


Learning with Justin in his studio was a very inspiring experience. His open minded passion & knowledge for such diverse types of music from pop to classical to jazz was wonderful, as it meant that I could go straight into the songs & music that I loved, learning to be more than just a technician by breaking down songs and understanding their structure. Lessons were fun, energetic and with a choice of both piano & keyboard. Highly recommended!


As a mature student who cannot read music, coupled with self-styled keyboard skills, taking the plunge to attend piano lessons was not an easy decision. The biggest asset a teacher can have is to understand how to get a student to listen to the lesson. This is a skill set Justin has perfected. For me, it was important that the enjoyment of playing simple melodies was promoted whilst the ground rules of musical key formations were being taught. Each lesson left me feeling that with time, patience and practice, I can get there. Justin takes the time to listen to the various hurdles that a student faces and with his wealth of experience, he always offers practical solutions to assist in getting over the stumbling blocks that many students will face from time to time. He has infinite patience, is 100% committed to the role of teacher and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody. Be prepared to do your homework because learning music requires student commitment and an excellent teacher deserves committed students.