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Hi Y’all!

I am a classical and contemporary musician, dedicated music teacher, performer, recording artist and music producer with over twenty years experience in the entertainment industry.

As a teacher, providing music lessons, I am passionate about the arts and education and care very deeply about the student, seeking to holistically engage their passion for the arts and music.

Trained in classical piano, a music scholarship student of Perth Modern School and WAAPA, I have released two albums with a third on the way, simply titled “Piano V.1, V.2 and V.3.” These volumes contain some of my favourite repertoire from the late romantic and early twentieth century piano literature.


As a contemporary keyboard player, you could describe my “sound” as a tasteful rhythm and blues based pop, however I am also well versed in jazz and have performed in this genre regularly. I have been fortunate to be engaged by many of the biggest companies to perform and entertain in various musical capacities.

My forte as a music producer is being able to take an average song arrangement and get it ready for the market. I have helped to design and shape the music and audio image of many artists, entertainers and media organisations. I also enjoy mentoring and working with vocal and instrumental talent which hopefully helps to inspire them in some way. I was fortunate to have several great mentors that inspired me to continue the journey, such as my dear friend Martin Clarke, an inductee of the WAM Hall of Fame in 2005. Meeting and working with artists is never dull and incredibly rewarding, in any capacity from music lessons to musical arranging/producing.

Music lessons are also available online! Enjoy your stay!

According to scientists, dinosaurs became extinct around sixty seven million years ago. The general consensus was that an astroid hit the earth causing living conditions to deteriorate. It is completely the opposite of recording studios. Somehow, they still exist, but once large, the size of a brachiosaurus, they were hit with the introduction of new technologies.


The recording studio, whilst smaller, still managed to survive and in many cases thrive, able to function with all, if not more ingenuity, than the past. The only threat to these once monolithic, now room size structures dying out, is not with larger studio spaces, but with a diminished capacity to appreciate art. Capturing audio can be done by anybody, anytime at any place, legally permitting. Just ask Apple. The game has changed.

We believe that the way forward is to find out who you are, build your niche and in turn, value each and every creative relationship, treating it with the utmost care and consideration.


It would be very easy to be cynical with literally thousands of people vying for business, but in our studio environment, we are very passionate about educating the consumer. We prefer to sensitise, rather than desensitise.

As both trained professional musicians, the “music producer, audio engineer” combo is irresistible, in terms of sonic results. We can create a sound from any musical era or design an original audio signature to suit your overall image.

If you are a singer, songwriter, play a musical instrument or can rap hip hop, then we wholeheartedly believe the first studio you should contact, is ours.

The reason for this confidence is our grounding and unique skill set and above all else, our ears. We foster a totally creative environment and believe that you will leave us, having exceeded expectations, inspired, with a product that is totally top shelf.


Our recording studio, located south of Perth, in Western Australia is designed for the contemporary musician and the small business technologist.

Primarily, our role is to listen, share your vision and guide you in the direction you wish to go. We will assess your musical language and offer constructive feedback and abundant solutions, enabling you to explore with creative freedom.

We are a recording studio with a varied list of satisfied clients. Aside from albums, EP’s and singles, we are also able to record or track soloists and groups in real time, analogue or digital. Take original DAW session files in Logic Pro or Pro Tools and work with an artist to create magic. Archive collections of vinyl or tapes to disc for prosperity. Provide backing tracks for stage shows. Track additional parts for album projects elsewhere. Record and mix voice overs and commercials. Provide station branding/imaging for radio or podcasting. Create stunning, magical wedding memories. Add fat musical arrangements to your songs. Lay down live sets for DJ’s and provide live brainstorming sessions for vocalists and musicians to reference.


We also offer a range of corporate audio and video solutions and will match any competitor for quality and affordability.

By the time you are ready to master your music, create and press the disc, upload for digital download or go live, we would have completed the picture for you, allowing you peace of mind, to simply be the artist or content creator.

Today, the only thing that really separates us, is the technology. The idea is still the same and is just as exciting. We want to bring heart back into business. The sort of creativity that inspires, gives goosebumps or makes the spine tingle.

Seeing an artists dreams realised is a fantastic feeling. It is such a great privilege to work with talent in helping them establish a sound or take the next step in their careers. We have over thirty years combined experience and know how to create great content for musicians that want to be noticed.

Our recording studio, located south of Perth, is a culmination of this experience. We are able to recognise the vast difference between average and professional and your final result will speak for itself.

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My journey as a musical arranger and producer began in the lounge room of our family home. My Mother was a contracted broadcaster for ABC radio and was a regular on the concert circuit. This inspired me to begin learning the piano and percussion.

It wasn’t long before I found an effective way of capturing my own musical performances during practice, initially using an analogue reel to reel tape machine, then morphing to a cassette recorder. Once I knew a bit more, it was time to use multi track tape, move to digital audio recorder and eventually, the various DAW’s available on computer such as Logic Pro or Pro Tools, but still with that an original blueprint for warm analogue sound.

It is really hard to encapsulate a career that spans several decades. I have done just about everything there is to do within the music industry. I have performed, recorded, consulted, managed, presented and produced media programs/content and most of all, had a great time.

For a decade, inside all the other activity, I was busy writing, recording and submitting songs to publishers. Slowly, over time, there was an accumulation of gear and a studio appeared. I began working with songwriters, instrumentalists, d-jays, rappers and just about every kind of artist. Several albums and EP’s later, the studio continues to grow thanks to the quality of work and the relaxed, professional environment we provide for clients.

Seeing an artists dreams realised is a fantastic feeling. It is such a privilege to share in their vision and work with talent in helping them establish a sound or take the next step in their careers. Sometimes, it is just that one piece of advice or one new approach that can spawn incredible growth for an artist.

My trained musical ear has been utilised in helping bands form a core sound, recording artists and entertainers, presenting award winning radio programs, researching and interviewing musical celebrities and creating commercials or shaping the sound of a commercial radio brand.

I even worked at the famous, Jingles Australia with the late Gordon Inglis. I got to do everything from making tea, to performing, arranging and directing a voice over or vocal take. Gordon had acquired the first Fairlight CMI in the state. There were nights I worked so late, it was time for breakfast and I remember the smell, sleeping on one of those fine studded leather sofas.

I have won awards for both presentation and production, but believe that awards are not as important as the client. Ultimately, it is the people that make the experience.

Some of the types of work I have done over the years includes archiving a gentleman’s amazing collection of vinyl to a digital format. Recording/tracking vocals for an album that was to be mixed and mastered elsewhere. Working on original EP’s for artists. Adding musical arrangements to already established songs. Assisting those with limited musical arranging skills or production skills in making their DAW sessions come to life. Recording the voice over for a documentary presentation. Providing backing tracks for a live performer’s stage show. Recording a singer songwriter and capturing their unique live performance. Preparing songs for weddings and special occasions. Assembling a backing tape for shopping centres. Capturing a live set for a local d-jay and running a brainstorming session for a singer to take away and write from. This is just a small portion of the work.

We use gear that is at the top of the audio tree. From Avalon to Empirical Labs to Manly. We deliver great results at the most affordable price in Perth. Put us to the test and find out for yourself.

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Justin James is a classical and contemporary pianist with an affinity for the music of the 19th and 20th century periods, especially that of Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Brahms, Debussy, Ravel, Prokofieff, Scriabin and Rachmaninoff.

Aged four, Justin began playing his first notes and has never lost touch with the instrument. Growing up exposed to creativity in a musical household, with a considerable amount of classical and jazz influences and his Mother, a contracted live musical broadcaster with the ABC for a decade, was also a significant factor.

Justin began formal studies at the age of six and by thirteen, had mastered much of the romantic piano repertoire. A former student of Perth Modern School, as part of the music scholarship program, he also trained in classical piano at the WA Academy of Performing Arts, studying with Robert Curry (student of Charles Rosen) and Pauline Belviso (student of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli).

Introducing, Justin James – Piano V.1

His debut recording is simply called, Justin James – Piano V.1. It is a collection of “timeless” compositions for the piano, when the iron frame grand piano was soaring to great heights, during the latter part of the industrial revolution and beyond.


Justin James Piano V.1 begins with the expressive and ornamental Nocturne of Chopin as we are taken on a poetic musical journey featuring the delicate Minute Waltz and two Preludes which include the elegant Raindrop, culminating in two of Chopin’s most cherished and technically difficult Etudes. Classical piano at the height of virtuosity.

From there, we melt into the sonorous tranquillity of Debussy’s first Arabesque and second Image from Book Two, showcasing the natural acoustics of both instrument and venue. Two “Chopinesque” Etudes from the lyrical Scriabin transport us to a climactic finale with several scintillating Preludes and the fourth Moment Musical of Rachmaninoff, highlighting the incredible depth and power of the grand piano.


Justin James Piano V.2 was highly anticipated and further explores the beauty and artistry of influential 19th and 20th century composers. Justin James performs and records a timeless selection of the most cherished piano music ever written.


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Practicing at Steinway showroom prior to recording Justin James Piano V.2

This video contains piano music by Maurice Ravel.  It is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. This music is performed, audio and video recorded by Justin James, the channel holder. This video is shared freely with online viewers. Any claim of copyright violation by Music Agencies on the content of this video is therefore unlawful.

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