Justin James

I am a classical and contemporary musician, passionate about the arts and education.

As a teacher, providing music lessons, I care deeply about the student and seek to holistically engage their passion for music.

Formerly trained in classical piano, I have released two albums with a third in production, simply titled “Piano V.1, V.2 and V.3.” These volumes contain some of my favourite repertoire from the romantic and early twentieth century piano literature.

Each album has a colour theme. Blue, Red and Green. The first (blue) represents the sky and the sea, the second (red), the heart, and the third (green), nature and the earth. They reflect our realities, dreams and priorities at different stages of a lifetime

The Justin James Piano Series. V.3 coming soon!

As a contemporary keyboard player, my signature “sound” is a tasteful rhythm and blues based pop, however I am also well versed in jazz. I have been fortunate to be engaged by many of the biggest companies to perform in various musical capacities.

My forte as a music producer is being able to take an average song arrangement and bring it closer to market readiness. I have helped to design and shape the music and audio image of a variety of artists, entertainers and media organisations.

“Creativity is the most undervalued commodity because it so misunderstood. It’s about ideas of value. We must celebrate diversity, not conformity.” Sir Ken Robinson.